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Assam Science and Technology University

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Assam Science and Technology University is a state university located in Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam, India. It was established in 2010 by the Assam Government under the Assam Science and Technology University Act 2009.

The university has signed a collaborative partnership agreement with Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia to improve the higher education, mainly in the field of technology and research.

Objective of  Science and Technology University:-

  1. Regulation of Courses and the Examination system for both Undergraduate and Postgraduates Programme including the degree leading to Ph.D. for Science and Technology discipline for all the Engineering Colleges in the state of Assam.
  2. Introduction of Post Graduate Courses in identified thrust areas.
  3. Establishment of Research and Development Activities.
  4. Development of a Data Bank for Natural Resources. Assam Science and Technology University has been established to bring all the Engineering Colleges/Institutions of Assam under a single platform and to provide uniform standards of technical education.

Strategy of  Science and Technology University:- 

  • Interfacing between ASTU and Government Institutes.
  • Immediate formation of review committees for Syllabus from all experts from Assam, AEC, JEC, IITG & others (confidence building); Introduce in 2017-18 session.
  • Review new courses.
  • Participation in various univ. boards by Senior Faculties of Government Institution.
  • Establish QA programme to define roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.
  • Ph.D guide for qualified faculties of these organizations.
  • Bring in freshness by augmenting infrastructure to be at par with recognized establishments; share them to optimize utilization.
  • Seminars, Workshops, Brain storming meetings among stakeholders.

Result & Notification

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