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Kazi Nazrul University was established under West Bengal Act XIX of 2012. Assent of the Governor was first published in the Kolkata gazette, extraordinary 16th August 2012. The Kazi Nazrul University has been named as a mark of respect to the rebel poet Kazi Nazrul of India who is also the national poet of Bangladesh (died in Dacca, August 29, 1976). The Kazi Nazrul University has been founded with a vision. The vision is to function efficiently as a university encouraging and providing instruction, teaching, training and research in various branches of learning and courses of study for promoting advancement and dissemination of knowledge, and extending higher education to meet the growing needs of the society. 

Mission of the  Kazi Nazrul University

To achieve the goal set by the University this academia pledges

to pursue student-entered teaching methods to foster students’ motivation to engage themselves in the pursuit of truth joyfully

to impart knowledge and develop skills of global standard to build capacity and confidence of students with a view to competing at the national and the international level as well  

to promote an environment conducive to the students’ nurturing of their own potentials of appreciating and nourishing the majesty of art and culture

to shape the students to become empathic to others, sensitive to the current socio-cultural political issues and capable to participate meaningfully in rational dialogue for addressing them in a competent manner

to enable students to get deeply connected to the University fraternity, to the University environment, to the society at large and to the Grand Nature as well

to create and maintain an appropriate environment for addressing University affairs through democratic processes exercising rational and critical thinking

to foster a robust system of administration marked with professionalism

to develop a cutting-edge ICT-supported infrastructure for e-learning and e-governance

to generate enthusiasm and to increase ability of students to get actively involved in research work in emerging areas.

Result & Notification

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